Change that décor piece’s job!

Most people are décor challenged – you know what looks good but can’t create that magazine cover look on your own, you need help.

Successful interior designers and decorators tend to think of unusual pieces to put together and they know how to change the traditional job of home décor pieces and furniture. This article (and a few more to follow) will give you ideas and examples of how to change your mind about certain interior décor pieces and how to change their job.

Carpets are the easiest and cheapest ways to freshen up your décor, whether it is indoors out on your patio. But we always only think of putting them on the floor – here are two new ways that you can use them.

Put your carpet on the wall

  • Buy one good quality carpet for the floor, then another cheaper one with similar colours. Or buy two cheaper ones – one for the floor and one for the wall. Cut the carpet for the wall into smaller pieces and have them bordered – any carpet shop should be able to do it for a small fee.
  • If you have fitted carpets installed, ask to have the off-cuts bordered.
  1. Find a board the appropriate size. Arrange the pieces on the board to get a good idea of how they will fit in the space on your wall. Move them around until you’re happy with the layout.
  2. Stick each piece down with sticky tape or putty adhesive (Prestik or Blu-Tack) then place the board on a chair or table. Stand back and view from a distance. Rearrange until you’re happy.
  3. Permanently attach the pieces with tacks or glue, but make sure it won’t come loose any time soon.
  4. Frame your new artwork.

Eat on your carpet

Either rummage through a flea-market for a table, or have one made.

  • For a new table, place the carpet in a “box” with a glass top. Remember to permanently fix the carpet to the back board to stop it from moving around when you move the table.
  • For an old table with a thin carpet, place the carpet directly on the table top, cover with a thick bevelled glass sheet. If the carpet is a bit too thick, remove the table top, make a “box” similar to the new table idea and replace the top. Remember to shorten the legs the same as the box height otherwise your eating experience will feel a bit… odd.
  • Invest in a Persian carpet and use it as a table cloth. They’re usually thin enough to just place a glass sheet on top.

4 Lights to Perk Up Your Dining Room


One of the easiest ways to cheer up any room is to change the lighting. More often than not, homes come with boring stock lighting that makes the entire room look dull. This includes the lighting in the dining room, the one place in the house that is centered around entertainment, conversation, and food.


Since dining rooms are smaller rooms than, say, your living room or kitchen, having a centerpiece that stands out is key to helping the room appear inviting. If you find that the boring brass pendant above your head is enough cause to move dinner elsewhere, check out the following lights that can instantly perk up your room.



One of the more iconic forms of dining room lighting, chandeliers bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any room. These days you can opt to find a classic design that will make your diners think they are in an episode of Downton Abbey or one that has a sleeker, more modern look. Chandeliers do, however, have a reputation for appearing fussy and monstrous, so consider the overall size (both height and width) and style before settling on one.



Perhaps one of the most versatile forms for the dining room, the pendant can be found in multiple designs, shapes, and the number of lights included can vary. An oversized pendant with a shade or surrounded by eclectic materials can function as the statement piece your room needs without making the room appear overdecorated. If you like a particular design, you can install several evenly spaced single pendants across a long table to introduce pattern into the room’s design.


Flush Mount

If you’re instead looking for a light source that is both beautiful and out of the way, you may want to look into flush mount lighting which is installed against the ceiling. This can also be a great option if your dining room happens to have a low ceiling. Unlike the stock versions that typically come with a new home, these do not have to be bland and can easily replicate chandelier and pendant styles without having to worry about height.


Recessed lighting

If you decide that instead you want non-intrusive lighting for your dining room, consider choosing recessed lighting. These lights sit within the ceiling, deliver a beautiful ambiance, and require little upkeep. Recessed lighting does require extra work to with installation if you want more than one light shining down and requires cutting into the ceiling.

End of Summer Sales

When summer starts winding down, the end-of-season sales go into full swing. From the usual school supplies and summer clothing to some surprising items such as wine and house paint, you can save big bucks by taking advantage of these great bargains in August and September.

Warm Weather Clothing

The kids are going back to school and stores are putting out jeans and jackets, which makes August and early September the best time to get deals on summer clothing. Bathing suits, shorts, lightweight dresses, tank tops, and short-sleeved tops all go on clearance in an attempt to clear them out before cooler weather arrives in September.


Around now is when the next year’s car models are making their debut, so both car makers and car dealers are trying to clear the lots to make room for them by offering lower prices and higher rebates. You can get some of the best deals of the year on cars in late August and September. Personally I’d go for a Tesla if I had the money!

Garden and Patio Items

Summer is ending and retailers need to make room for fall and holiday merchandise. This means you can pick up still in-season garden plants, gardening supplies, lawn mowers, grills, outdoor decorations, and patio furniture at steep discounts.

Local Wines

Fall is harvest time at vineyards and many wineries discount their in-stock wines to make room for the new ones.

Office Supplies and Electronics

August and September back to school sales mean you can stock up on printer paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other office supplies at the best prices of the year. You’ll also find deals on computers, laptops, printers, and office furniture. Click here to view bargain deals.

Household Items

You don’t have to be moving into a dorm to take advantage of sales on appliances such as microwaves, single-serve coffeemakers, and compact refrigerators. Storage containers, linens, lamps, and other household items are marked down when the college kids head back to campus also.

Pools and Water Toys

Have you been thinking of getting a pool or replacing the one you have? August is the best time to buy it. You’ll also get pool and beach toys for next to nothing in late August and early September.


New bike models come out in September, so you can find discounts on older models in late August and early September.

Hotels and Vacation Rentals

When the kids go back to school and the weather cools, business drops off dramatically for hotels and vacation rentals in popular summer vacation spots. As a result, many of them offer discount packages or drop regular rates on weekday stays in late August. Except in popular leaf-peeping destinations, prices drop even more the week after Labor Day, although the weather is still good enough to enjoy a vacation in most areas.

House Paint

The demand, and therefore the price, drops on both indoor and outdoor paint in the hottest part of the year. After all, who wants to open up the house on a 90-degree day and waste the last days of summer painting? If you are planning to paint this fall, buy your paint at a discount before the cooler weather arrives.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning outdoor furniture will help preserve and increase its lifespan, and it makes your patio area look new and ready for a great barbecue season. Though many opt to purchase brand new outdoor furniture every season, knowing how to clean outdoor furniture is a great way to give older outdoor furniture, even pieces sitting outside through winter, an extended usefulness. Not enough money for brand new outdoor furniture? Consider these tips on how to clean outdoor furniture and purchase a used set.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Wood (unpainted) – Unpainted wood furniture is a frugal way to outfit a patio or picnic area. Typically hand constructed of untreated landscaping beams, the rustic picnic tables and swings are most popular for informal barbecue areas. Over a season of use, unpainted wood furniture can get stained or simply dirty. To clean unpainted wood furniture, use a commercial deck wash and a pressure washer. Be sure to treat with water protecting stain or sealant. Repeat wash/treatment in the fall to prolong the life of your outdoor pieces.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Vinyl (plastic) – Plastic / Vinyl pvc outdoor furniture has become quite popular due to its inexpensive and versatile nature. It is typically stain resistant but can get a little dirt and discoloration on it depending on the environment it is stored in. Cleaning outdoor furniture made of PVC is as simple as mixing a solution of 1c vinegar, 1T dish soap, and plenty of warm water to make a nice sudsy solution. PVC furniture with stubborn stains will come clean if you use a solution of 1T baking soda mixed with 2tsp bleach, applied to the stains with a toothbrush. Another popular way of cleaning outdoor furniture made of vinyl is using melamine foam products such as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Aluminum – Aluminum furniture, most common in the 70’s and 80’s and usually in the form of the common lawn chair, doesn’t rust and tends to store easily. Cleaning is a breeze, as warm sudsy water with either dish or laundry detergent usually does the job. To keep aluminum outdoor furniture looking new, follow cleaning with the application of an aluminum preservative.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Wrought Iron – Wrought iron furniture is heavy, but some of the vintage pieces are highly desirable. It’s a cheap material to make outdoor furniture from and when properly preserved, wrought iron furniture can outlast most other varieties. Cleaning outdoor furniture made of wrought iron is easiest if there is no rust and the design is not too intricate. Carefully check your wrought iron furniture for any loose parts or rust. Then, using a dry, medium bristle cleaning brush, go over the furniture completely to loosen hard debris. Clean with sudsy dish detergent and water and follow up by rinsing with a garden hose. Sand any rusty areas until all evidence of rust is gone. Afterward, preserve the iron with a protective spray like Krylon.
How to clean outdoor furniture made of Wicker – Rattan, cane, and wicker are best if well preserved from the beginning. Use a mild dish detergent in warm water with the aid of a medium bristled veggie or bottle brush to get in the nooks and crannies. It is very important to use as little water as possible to do the job, as the furniture will absorb liquid and lose its shape. Do not disturb the furniture while it is drying or your outdoor pieces will become distorted and have to be re-moulded later by a caning artist. After it has completely dried, treat wicker furniture with a product specifically manufactured for preserving it.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Teak – You can clean outdoor furniture made of teak by carefully following the instructions that came with your furniture, but if you’ve lost those great tips, any good furniture polish should work nicely when properly applied. Special wood cleaners are preferred methods of cleaning teak outdoor furniture. You can also purchase a commercial stain remover or brightener, but be careful with these products as they can remove some of the finish from your furniture. Never use a brush or abrasive pad to clean teak. Rinse with poured water, not a hose or pressure washer. Immediately use wood preserver or wax after the furniture is completely dried.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Glass – Parts of your outdoor furniture may be made of tempered glass. To clean glass with little mess, try a solution of one quarter cup vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Use a terry cloth wash rag to scrub the surface, rinse with the same, and dry with newspaper. The solution should work nicely on any bird droppings or mess and will leave the glass streak free.

How to clean outdoor furniture made of Natural Items – It is not recommended that you clean outdoor furniture made of natural substances like tree trunk due to the fact that heavy cleaning can damage it. Instead, use a vegetable brush and a spray type wood preservative.

How to clean outdoor furniture parts like Cushions, hammocks, and patio umbrellas – Mild detergent will get out most dirt and grime, but typically cushions should be soaked for at least twenty minutes. Hammocks should be only cleaned in cold water to prevent shrinking and may need to be dried flat. Patio umbrellas should be cleaned with mild detergent unless mildewed; mildew can be removed with lemon juice and sunlight, but be sure to test for colorfastness before its use.

There are many varieties of outdoor furniture. Cleaning techniques vary by construction and materials type. From traditional wicker to versatile vinyl pieces, outdoor furniture offers suitable products with every budget and decorative sense in mind. Cleaning outdoor furniture and properly treating and preserving it can be quite simple or somewhat complex, but the benefits can make your used furniture longer-lasting and an economical alternative to buying new.

selecting fast plans for backyard furniture

Tips to buy backyard furniture

Do you want to buy Backyard furniture? If yes, you can buy outdoor furniture online with ease and comfort. Furniture is a mandatory and critical part of our lives because it provides us comfort, relax and peace. When you back to your home after a long and hectic office day, you need to have some relaxation. The presence of comfortable furniture can provide you this satisfaction and peace. If you want to buy some kind of furniture for your backyard or lawn, you should follow the key points or steps.
First step to buy backyard furniture
First of all you should decide the use of your Backyard furniture so that you can find a right product. It is recommended to buy outdoor furniture online. The key factors to consider prior to buy furniture include number people you want to invite and food products. If you want to eat outside in backyard, you should choose a wide table. The small tables are not suitable for this purpose. Hence it is good to select or choose the large size tables so that you can eat the food products with ease and comfort.
Second step to buy backyard furniture
Another step to buy Backyard furniture is to measure to accurate available space in your backyard so that you can buy outdoor furniture online without any stress. It is necessary to provide the accurate size detail of furniture products. It depends on size of your yard or lawn. You can select or choose small or large size tables. You can find various types of furniture products for this task or purpose like tables, chair and others. You should try to make a right decision.
Third step to buy backyard furniture
You should buy Backyard furniture during off season so that you can enjoy the top services or deals. When you buy outdoor furniture online, you can enjoy best deals or services. Hence you should take this step because it is very important. You can reduce your investment in this way. No need to do huge investment in the form of big deals. The dealers and agents offer the discount prices during off season to raise their sales. They also want to create space for new furniture products in this way. You should take this big deal to enjoy more benefits or services anytime.
Last step to buy backyard furniture
It is recommended to visit dozens of shops and stores to make best deals on furniture products. It will offer you best deals and discount offers. When you take this chance, you should prepare for final deals. You can find more furniture products on different shops and stores. You can also enjoy the top quality furniture products on these shops. It is also feasible to compare the prices of furniture products in this way. This comparison of furniture products can help and guide you to buy high quality deals and products. There are also present some furniture shops online for your comfort and benefit.

A guide to buy furniture products

A guide to buy furniture products

Prior to buy home furniture, you should have detailed information about types of furniture and their use. When you visit a market, you will find different types of furniture like patio furniture, timber and wood furniture. You can classify furniture on the basis of its material, size, color and composition. The timber furniture is highly expensive and durable. You can use this kind of furniture for a long period of time. It is not good to ignore the use of this kind of furniture. There are some secrets to buy high quality furniture products. You can use these secrets to make best deals within a short period of time. These secret steps are following.
First secret to buy backyard furniture
When you visit a shop to purchase Backyard furniture, you should select a reliable store or shop for this purpose. It is best to buy outdoor furniture online because it is simple, convenient and feasible for you. Consider the amount or quantity of maintenance you want to do. If you can afford to do more maintenance, you should select timber or wood furniture. It is highly selective, attractive and expensive type of furniture. You must have sufficient place inside your home to buy such products or services anytime. The look of furniture should be good and impressive for the visitors. It takes no time to maintain and repair this kind of furniture or other products.
Second secret to buy backyard furniture
You should stick to your budget range because it is very important. When you try to cross your budget, you will face some problems. Hence it is recommended to stick to your budget range to avoid form financial conflict. There are available different varieties and designs of Backyard furniture and you can buy outdoor furniture online. The expensive repairs can ruin and damage your budget range in this way. If you have a small budget, you can search for cheap furniture products in this way.
Shop around to buy backyard furniture
It is known that Backyard furniture is easily available in the market. Prior to buy outdoor furniture online, you should have advice from professionals. You should do best decision and selection. You can move to best services or stores to find the cheap backyard products. Now dozens and hundreds of stores are available which can offer you striking deals and service. The web portal or platform can also reduce your work pressure. You will grab very useful information from online source.
Select a reliable store to buy furniture products
Sometime it can be expensive to purchase or buy furniture products. When you visit a famous store to Backyard furniture, you can expect best deals or services. It takes no time to buy outdoor furniture online. The people who have sufficient information about furniture products can offer and provide you best piece of information. You should consider and take this chance seriously. Now the use of backyard furniture is getting more fame or value in the world due to its extensive use.

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